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      There is an old saying about the differences between dogs and cats. Dogs are attached to people while cats prefer home.
  Although being well-known as an animal with a high sense of curiosity, a cat doesn’t enjoy changes in his world. Taking in consideration this life habit, it is a good decision to leave cats at home while you are away for a short trip. However if a trip lasts longer than three days, it will be better to find someone to care for them at home than to leave them at a foster care service. Part-time Ayi is a choice if you don’t take their cat care experience into account.
  It can be a torture for cats to stay in a new place. People may not mind having a temporary change of environment. It doesn’t happen in the case of cats. A cat has developed a growing dependence on you after theses years. A sudden separation from or his familiar environment will prompt some negative feeling of being abandoned. To prevent it, you need to maintain their sense of security while you are away.
  Our service will be a solution to this hard situation. Our professional service people will come to visit your home to check your cats. We will feed them, clean up their pooh, brush their hair, give a warm hug, spend time playing with them. We can build a trusting and caring relationship wiping off any negative feeling that could result from separation.
  Enjoy your vacation. Your trip will not bring any inconvenience and discomfort to your cats, because we are there. When you come back, you will see a happy healthy cat waiting for you at home.        

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